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Mac PDF Reader is a PDF reader, a tool that you can use to open and review PDF documents. On top of that, you can use Mac PDF Reader to create, convert and annotate PDF documents.

Mac PDF Reader is free to use, which is great. What’s even better is that Mac PDF Reader is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. So no matter what operating system you have, you can use Mac PDF Reader to view, create, and annotate PDFs documents. Mac PDF Reader includes Mac PDF Creator, that gives you an option to edit PDF files.


Open & View
PDF Documents

Mac PDF Reader’s main purpose is to open PDF documents so that you can read and review them. You can open PDF files within Mac PDF Reader itself and within your browser (if you installed the necessary plugin).

Word, Powerpoint
and Excel add-ins

Mac PDF Reader offers yet another means of creating PDF documents: via the fully functional add-ins for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Collaborate With

If you need to collaborate with others, then you need to know about ConnectedPDF. It lets you post opinions or ideas, send requests to others, join a connected review, and more.

Create PDFs With
Mac PDF Creator

Mac PDF Reader installs a shell extension that lets you convert files into PDF documents. Called Mac PDF Creator, it offers a simple means of creating PDF documents.

Edit PDFs With
Mac PDF Editor

Mac PDF Editor is an additional application that is installed with the Mac PDF Reader, and gived you an option to edit PDF files.

Safe Reading Mode and
security warnings

Mac PDF Reader has a Safe Reading Mode that blocks suspicious external commands. If a PDF documentС attempts to run an external command, Mac PDF Reader will bring up a security warning.